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Who we are

We have been acting as commercial intermediaries since 2000. It was in January of that year that our trajectory began, at the time, under the Sirius Brazil brand.


Focused on the fish business, mainly on import, to meet the existing demands of customers who were divided between producers, importers and distributors.

During our trajectory, new demands, needs, opportunities and businesses guided us to expand our portfolio. We started to cover other areas besides fish, as well as the development of the export department.


All these changes, not only in the company, but in the global market as a whole, the opportunities we identified and the needs of our customers took us to a new page, a new chapter in this history of achievements. We then became INDEPENDENT BRAZIL, a name that represented all our strength, innovation and vanguard vision.

Today, our focus is to seek operations with company, whether customers or suppliers, with profiles that fit ours, with a view to long-term relationships orientation that ensure the perpetuity and sustainability of the business. We believe in the importance of personal communication in business and that ethics build markets and opportunities for both simple and elaborate projects.

We have been operating in the market for 24 years, which qualifies us as specialists to help our customers take advantage of all the opportunities that the global market offers today and in the future.

Quem somos

Manage operations with ethics, honesty and respect in a competent and effective way, so that we can provide satisfaction and growth to all those involved – customers, partners and employees.


To be recognized as the ideal partner to work with, negotiate and achieve your final goals with excellence, in a reliable and agile way, generating security and confidence in our customers.


Ethics, honesty, commitment and respect guide our attitudes and decisions with every move we make.

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We open the doors
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Our Business

Import X Export

We offer our partners a complete package of solutions that involves the entire chain, connecting suppliers and consumers through our know-how and market feeling.


Our Team performs end-to-end monitoring, providing commercial, operational and financial security to operations. Today we work with products within the direct human consumption and indirect human consumption segment.

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& Fruits


Lion Business Center | Street Cônego Tomaz Fontes, nº 145

SL 1401, Centro - Itajaí | Santa Catarina | ZIP CODE 88301-100

+55 47 3249 1618

+55 47 3249 1619

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